Kristoffer Parsons

Web Designer ・ Software Developer ・ Game Designer

About Me.

My full name is Kristoffer 'Jeviny' Parsons. I'm a game developer and web designer from the United States, and I've been doing this stuff for about four years. Most of my work is based around web design and a bit of game design, but I also do things like music as well.

By the way, don't ask me why I have a picture of René Descartes over there.

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About Mercury.

Mercury is a small game library designed to simplify the complex and shorten the tedious for both the beginning and the experienced. With it, you can use the best aspects of OpenGL in an easy and organized way that's optimized for game development. It's built around the concept that beginners to game development should be able to start with the basics and then move up onto a more complex plane of development with the veterans, all on the same platform.

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About Radirius.

Radirius is a growing team of game developers who design everything with one thing in mind: Minimalism. All of our projects depend on simplicity as a key factor to their development. We develop video games and game development tools.

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